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At 1 World Learning Center, we strive to provide a safe and educational learning environment. As mothers and teachers, we understand the importance of safety especially in today’s society as so much is going on. In addition to providing a safe learning environment, we seek to give your child the educational foundation he/she needs to continue on with there education for the years to come.
At 1 World Learning Center, we create LEADERS – Learn, Educate, Advocate, Develop, Empower, Respect and Success.
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We play together, learn together and work together

Reading skills at different ages

Babies (ages 0–12 months)

  • Begin to reach for soft-covered books or board books
  • Look at and touch the pictures in books
  • Respond to a storybook by cooing or making sounds
  • Help turn pages

Toddlers (ages 1–2 years)

  • Look at pictures and name familiar items, like dog, cup, and baby
  • Answer questions about what they see in books
  • Recognize the covers of favorite books
  • Recite the words to favorite books
  • Start pretending to read by turning pages and making up stories

Preschoolers (ages 3–4 years)

  • Know the correct way to hold and handle a book
  • Understand that words are read from left to right and pages are read from top to bottom
  • Start noticing words that rhyme
  • Retell stories
  • Recognize about half the letters of the alphabet
  • Start matching letter sounds to letters (like knowing b makes a /b/ sound)
  • May start to recognize their name in print and other often-seen words, like those on signs and logos
  • VPK (Voluntary Pre-kindergarten)

  • School Readiness

  • Tutoring services for children ages 5-9

  • Afterschool care

  • Healthy Catered Meals

  • Uniforms (mandatory for ages 1 -5)
  • Curriculum Used at 1WLC – Creative Curriculum



(3 weeks to 12 months)

Sensory play is any activity that allows babies to safely explore using any combination of their senses in creative and spontaneous ways. By providing a variety of baby-friendly, open-ended, every-day materials, infants and young toddlers have the opportunity to discover how their senses work through imagination-based play and experimentation.

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(1 – 2 Years)

Researchers are confirming that children do their most important learning before the age of five. The quality and extent of the stimulus children receive in their first three years greatly affect how their minds develop: how they learn, behave, think, and cope emotionally.

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(3 – 5 Years)

“1” World offers a diverse curriculum, which will allow your child to be exposed to a variety of learning activities, and programs that will allow your child to explore beyond the level of other preschools.

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Create and

At 1 World Learning Center we provide a loving and caring staff that engages the children to learn and have fun while learning. Our teachers come up with creative and innovative ways to gain the attention of your child so that all children are included.

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Happy kids! Happy Teachers! Learning is FUN!

Small classroom sizes that are safe and teachers love teaching our future leaders of America. At 1WLC we create LEADERS: Learn, Educate, Advocate, Empower, Respect & Success.


What Parents Say About Us

Aizen has been attending 1 World Learning center since he was 11 months old. With him being in their care, within a month there were drastic results. Such as a time along with all the normal milestones of a one-year-old, I took him out to the fair in the farm section he pointed and identified verbally “a pig”. That took me by surprise. I knew he was observant and had the potential of high intelligence. I expressed it to the staff. They pushed the potential into reality. He is currently 4 years old. Loves his school, teachers, and classmates. He reads, writes, and expresses himself well. He tells me as his mom that he wants to be a scientist! This school exposes how bright my child’s future will be.

Ms. Skyrie

My daughter Tayla has been attending 1WLC since she was 3 months, she is currently 5 years old. The staff is professional, the center is clean and well kept. Thanks to the teachers Tayla has learned a lot from knowing how to spell her first/last name, solve basic math problems and spell words. I love 1WLC and highly recommend it to anyone.

Ms. Terracita